Supposedly, we are all get wiser with age. It's a lovely thought, and mostly true if you ask me.

Paradox of being a woman "Of Many Parts" and realizing that less is indeed more.

Balance of staying interested in the world and all its curiosities while keeping grounded and focused, a quality life filled with treasured time. 

I notice myself forgetting "irrelevant" memories, so what present moments do I want to be relevant in the future?

Making excuses for more. We need this because of that.

Take time to care for and preserve what we do have. 

See the big picture.



Thankful on so many levels

Easy // Thank you. Thank you for that wonderful service! Thanks so much for that amazing outfit tip, so chic. Thank you for all the little acts of kindness that make my world better, even in the smallest way.

Intermediate // Grateful. I am so grateful for you and all the ways you support me. I am so lucky to know you and witness all the wonderfulness you bring to my life. I'm grateful for what you believe in and how you make an impact each day.

Difficult // Forgive. I forgive myself for this… and for that. I forgive you, I'm sorry it took so long. I forgive them. And I truly appreciate all of myself, and you, and them.


This year, I have so much to be thankful for. I've been lucky to have treasured quality time at home with my amazing husband and adorable pup, shared many unforgettable moments with friends and family, explored exciting new places and challenging new techniques. I am also incredibly thankful for you too, and I'm wishing you and your closest a very Happy Thanksgiving today!




CATALAN – gràcies (GRAH-syuhs) 

CROATIAN – hvala (HVAH-lah)

CZECH – děkuji (Dyekooyih)

DANISH – tak (tahg)

DUTCH – dank u

FINNISH – kiitos (KEE-tohss)

FRENCH – merci

GERMAN – danke

GREEK – ευχαριστώ (ef-hah-rees-TOH)

HEBREW – .תודה  / todah (toh-DAH) 

HINDI – dhanyavād / shukriya

HUNGARIAN – köszönöm (KØ-sø-nøm) 

ICELANDIC – takk (tahk) 

INDONESIAN – terima kasih. (tuh-REE-mah KAH-see) 

ITALIAN – grazie (GRAHT-tsyeh)

JAPANESE – arigatô (ah-ree-GAH-toh)



PORTUGUESE – obrigado/obrigada (oh-bree-GAH-doo / oh-bree-GAH-dah) 

RUSSIAN – спасибо (spuh-SEE-buh) 

SPANISH – gracias (GRAH-syahs) 

SWEDISH – tack

SWAHILI - asante (ah-SAHN-tey)

THAI – kop khun

TURKISH – teşekkür ederim (teh shek uer eh der eem) 


Hey Again!

Well, at the beginning of September we packed up all the necessities (clothes, laptops, Izabel, espresso machine, and beach toys…naturally) and drove down here to sunny Orlando to find our new home.  We found a place that’s just right and moved in with the rest of our belongings from Alabama in October and are now all settled in!

We’ve been lucky enough to have an amazing amount of visitors already, which immediately made it feel that much more like home.  The people here in Orlando seem so nice, there’s tons to do, the array of food is amazing, plus we’re less than an hour from the beach, yay! We are so excited about our time here. We’d love to have more guests stop in, seriously, just let us know! And if you know the area and have any recommendations, please share, we’d love to hear them!


Of Many Parts // We're Moving

We're moving!
Alabama the Beautiful has been where I've called home for most of my life now. It's a unique, wonderful place filled with the absolute best mix of people, however, it's time to embark on a new chapter, new adventure.  This month we're packing up and shipping out further south to gorgeous Orlando, Florida.  I'm closing the shop for a spell during this transition since my time and focus will be on finding & settling in a new place (yay!)  It will be bittersweet leaving this secret treasure and all we love here, but even more fun to come back and visit. Bring on the palms and coconut water...See you in Florida!


Apple Blossom

Baby's Breath

Bachelor's Button

Bee Balm




























Marigold, Gem




Plum Blossom


Scarlet Runner Beans


Squash Blossom



Edible Pea Pod Blossoms




Avoid //


Bleeding Hearts

Calla Lilies

Castor Beans.












Sweet Peas



Extra touches that really make a difference.


  • dark curtains
  • empty drawers + hangers
  • luggage rack
  • electric fan
  • throw blanket
  • reading material (local is nice + a map)
  • fresh flowers
  • carafe of water + glasses
  • candle
  • spare key
  • wifi password
  • remote instructions
  • mints


  • hairdryer
  • plunger
  • extra toilet paper
  • toothbrushes + toothpaste
  • just in case meds
  • candle + matches


  • coffee maker instructions
  • teapot + assorted teas
  • tea cookies
  • digestif + glasses


Eastern Cottonwood

Per Year   10-15 ft. 
3 Years   40-50 ft. 
Mature   80-100 ft. 
Short lived - around 100 years.


Lombardy Poplar

Per Year   8-10 ft. 
3 Years   30-40 ft. 
Mature   40-60 ft. 
Usually planted in rows. Unique growth habit.


Hybrid Poplar

Per Year   8-10 ft. 
3 Years   30-40 ft. 
Mature   50-70 ft. 
Very popular shade tree. Planted near new homes to increase property value.



Per Year   6-8 ft. 
3 Years 20-30 ft. 
Mature   40 ft. 
Leaves give fragrant scent all year long.


Weeping Willow

Per Year   4-8 ft. 
3 Years   15-30 ft. 
Mature   40-50 ft. 
Thrives in a wide range of soil and moisture conditions.


American Sycamore 

Per Year   up to 6 ft. 
3 Years   20-25 ft. 
Mature   70 ft. 
Winter fruits resemble Christmas ornaments. Peel bark.


Tulip Poplar 

Per Year   up to 6 ft. 
3 Years   15-20 ft. 
Mature   up to 70 ft. 
Bright yellow foliage. Fast grower creates dense shade. Yellow & Orange flowers April-June.



  • PDO Protected Designation of Origin - geographical origin & style
  • IGP Indication Géographique Protégée - Protected Denomination of Origin, equal to Vin de Pays & IGT

FRANCE // since 1952

  • AOC Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée - geographical origin, quality & style
  • Vin de Pays 'wine of the land' - geographical origin, equal to IGP & IGT
  • Vin de France replaced the outdated Vin de Table category in 2010 - most basic quality tier of French wine

ITALY // since 1963

  • DOCG Denominazione di Orogine Controllata e Garantita - Original Location Certified and Guaranteed
  • DOC Denominazione di Orogine Controllata - Original Location Certified
  • IGT Indicazione Geografica Tipica - Table wine from Typical Geographic Area, equal to IGP & Vin de Pays
  • VTD Vino da Tavola - Table Wine
  • VS Vini Speciali - Specialty Wines, aromatized and liquorous wines


  • DOCa Denominación de Origen Calificada - geographical origin, quality & style, only 2 regions currently hold DOCa status for their wines: Rioja and Priorat
  • DO Denominación de Origen - geographical origin & style
  • VP Vino de Pago single-estate, high-end wineries unable to claim a DO due to location
  • VC Vino de Calidad con Indicación Geográfica - 'wine of quality with a geographical indication' but not quite DO quality.
  • VT Vino de la Tierra - geographical origin



1. Prädikatswein top tier of German wine quality classification - one of the six official Prädikats:

  • Kabinett is the lightest styl dry or medium-dry
  • Spätlese 'late harvest'slightly richer, more concentrated and typically sweeter than Kabinett
  • Auslese 'selected harvest' affected by botrytis, sweet in style
  • BA Beerenauslese 'berry selection' affected by botrytis. Sweeter and richer than Auslese, Beerenauslese wines are intensely flavored, golden nectars.
  • TBA Trockenbeerenauslese  'dry berry selection' raisin-like state, with highly concentrated sugars, the sweetest, rarest and most expensive Prädikatswein
  • Eiswein means 'ice wine' harvested and pressed while frozen lusciously sweet wines which nonetheless have balanced acidity

2. QbAQualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete 'quality wine from a specified region' three-quarters of all German wine is produced in this category

3. Deutscher Landwein 'German country wine' like Vin de Pays, falls under the Euro IGP

4. Deutscher Wein 'German wine'

VDP The Association of German Quality and Prädikat Wine Estates

  • Grosse Lage very best vineyard sites - small, carefully demarcated areas with clear site-specific characteristics.
  • Grosses Gewächs a dry wine from a Grosse Lage vineyard. A Grosses Gewächs may be white or red, depending on the vineyard in question.
  • Erste Lage 'first class' vineyards with distinctive characteristics, but which rank just behind Grosse Lage in terms of quality. 


Austria has unique capsules and screw-caps, which are decorated with red and white stripes (the Austrian flag) that denote a quality wine that has passed official quality testing procedures.


1. Prädikatswein the top tier, sub-divided into seven Prädikat 'distinctions' based on grape ripeness

  • Spätlese 'late harvest'
  • Auslese 'selected harvest' affected by botrytis
  • BA Beerenauslese 'berry selection' super-ripe grapes affected by botrytis
  • Ausbruch made exclusively from botrytis-affected berries - famous Ruster Ausbruch comes from the western shores of the Neusiedlersee
  • TBA Trockenbeerenauslese 'dry berry selection' botrytized and raisin-like state
  • Eiswein 'ice wine' harvested and pressed while naturally frozen
  • Strohwein / Schilfwein 'straw wine' and 'reed wine' air-dried

2. Qualitätswein 'quality wine' comes from an officially recognized Austrian wine-growing region and is made from one or more of 35 permitted grape varieties. 

3. Landwein 'country wine' like Vin de Pays, falls under the Euro IGP

DAC Districtus Austriae Controllatus, region & style, like the appellation system + sub styles (Klassik -  lighter, fruit-driven wines,  Reserve - weightier wines)

  • Eisenberg Blaufrankisch
  • Kamptal Gruner Veltliner, Riesling
  • Kremstal Gruner Veltliner, Riesling
  • Leithaberg Gruner Veltliner, Weissburgunder, Chardonnay, Blaufrankisch
  • Mittelburgenland Blaufrankisch
  • Neusiedlersee(Zweigelt
  • Traisental Gruner Veltliner, Riesling
  • Weinviertel Gruner Veltliner
  • Wiener Gemischter Satz traditional white blend from Vienna

Opted out of DAC

  • Steinfeder wines are the lightest in style: fresh, fruity and tangy
  • Federspiel wines are middleweight, with the power and elegance
  • Smaragd wines are the richest and fullest-bodied

USA // 

AVA American Viticultural Area - geographical area


 GI Geographical Indication


WO Wine of Origin


It would never occur to me to consider art as a subject apart from any other in the curriculum. Art education increases in value to the degree that it is related to the whole academic picture. I see art education as a kind of thing that threads its way through every facet of academic work.
I have a strong feeling that in the secondary school the role of the Fine Arts Department, and the Industrial Arts Department, is not to produce painters or designers, but rather to act in the role of a conscience with discipline to counteract the general tendencies to specialize, point up, develop, and capitalize the relationships of the various disciplines, and to be the constant watchdog of quality at all levels.

Steps to becoming a designer:

  • develop curiosity
  • look, like you're looking for the first time, how do they relate to each other?
  • read - make a list
  • draw, draw, draw
  • physics
  • mathematics - especially geometry
  • english literature and composition
  • at least one foreign language
  • art course - only art history and appreciation. study objects made in the past but never without the technological and social conditions responsible - and paint on your own time
  • develop the tools of your craft 

then and only then - go to a design school and learn about the specialties and...

  •  develop orderly work habits
  •  bring every job to a conclusion
  •  draw feasibility
  •  master lettering
  •  make a presentation that “reads” well
  •  be willing to do outside work and study on a problem
  • search out the true need - physical, psychological
  • prepare yourself to intelligently fill that need
The art is not something you apply to your work.
The art is the way you do your work, a result of your attitude toward it.
Design is a full time job
It is the way you look at politics, funny papers, listen to music, raise children.


...even if it sucks.

At least I am trying to. How do you know what your voice is if you don't practice and explore it? I've caught myself in moments more and more where I can't fully explain what I want to convey, I find myself searching (and failing) for the right words to accurately and precisely state my position. My vocab posts, which I am revamping due to the ridiculous length, are an effort on another front towards hopefully improving my shortcoming, ugh.

That's one of the (many) reasons I started this blog, but I haven't committed to continuously jotting my thoughts and opinions. It's been incredibly sporadic, really. It's never too late to improve though, so I'll say today I'm turning over a new leaf and going to post more, and post regularly. Stay on me.


Doing what I want...and seeing where it goes.

I've wandered down many paths...many paths...each with varying skill and specialty. Yesterday, it occurred to me the vast array of tips, crafts, theories, methods, programs, and on and on that I have poured time into learning only to use for a short period until I "must" master on the next big thing. Which left me (and others) asking who am I? What am I doing?

Of Many Parts is my answer to no answer. I have a very big picture of what I want, but I've tried to narrow and curtail it out of caution (fear/doubt) and uncertainty.  No more. I am a woman of many parts who lives in a world of many parts, and I want to experience and share them all. This will undoubtably take time, a lot of it, which is perfect. I'm in no rush. Time will only procure a more sound, beautiful, evolved result. Baby steps will be the key. One aspect at a time, until it is realized. 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi


Ever closed your curtains and just imagined what else could be outside those windows? What does each of your rooms feel like? What do they reflect? What do they keep?

We just returned from a gorgeous week exploring Scotland, a completely lush and very different environment from Alabama (shocker...) Everywhere we travel, I (subconsciously really) envision which places I could live and why. Upon returning home, and only for a short time, I can see similarities and differences clearly with a new eye. It's very refreshing, being reminded of what details you value, and which one's you don't, in your surroundings. 

Try it. What's outside your window? A garden, a Parisienne rooftop, a Scandanavian countryside, an Italian fish village...

What's treasured inside? Age-old stories, intimate spaces, treasures from far away, glorious memories and exciting dreams...

What makes it home for you?



I'm making an evolving list, updating it every so often, of words I never use but wish to, words I somewhat understand, and complete newbs to my my repertoire. Here goes (no making fun!)...

ABYSSOPELAGIC like or pertaining to the depths of the sea.

ALTITUDINARIAN aspiring to great heights, having lofty ambitions.

APRICITY the warmth of the sun on a cold winter's day.

ATERMOIEMENTS distractions or hesitations leading to procrastination.

BAKKUSHAN a woman who appears to be beautiful and attractive only when being viewed from behind

BESHREW make wicked; deprave; invoke evil upon; curse; blame for a misfortune.

BIGOT a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

BOON a thing that is helpful or beneficial, a favor or request.

BOOR an unrefined, ill-mannered person.

BOWER a pleasant shady place under trees or climbing plants in a garden or wood.

BREVITY concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.

CAIRN a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline.

CHARIENTISM an artfully veiled insult.

CORDIFORM heart-shaped.

DINGLE a deep wooded valley or dell.

EPONYMOUS (of a person) giving their name to something.

EUNEIROPHRENIA the peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams.

FAIN pleased or willing under the circumstances; gladly.

FALCHION a broad, slightly curved sword with the cutting edge on the convex side.

FARCE a comedy that aims at entertaining the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, and thus improbable.

FEUILLEMORT the color of a dying leaf.

FOIBLE a minor weakness or eccentricity in someone's character. 

HABSELIGKEITEN things that an adult might find worthless, but a child regards as treasures.

HOAR grayish white; gray or gray-haired with age.

HYALINE a substance with a glassy appearance.

INSIDIOUS proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.

INSOUCIANT showing a casual lack of concern; indifferent.

IZPAH the deep emotional bond between people, especially those separated by distance or death.

KALON beauty that is more than skin-deep.

KALOPSIA the delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.

KEN one's range of knowledge or sight; know.

the sound of a bell, especially when rung solemnly for a death or funeral.

LETHOLOGICA when you can't think of the word for something.

LINN a waterfall, the pool below a waterfall, a steep precipice.

LOGOLEPSY an obsession with words.

LUDIC full of fun and high spirits.

MERAKI the soul, creativity, or love put into something, the essence of yourself that is put into your work. 

MOULDER slowly decay or disintegrate, especially because of neglect.

NELIPOT one who walks barefoot.

NUMINOUS describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted, overwhelmed and inspired.

ORPHIC mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.

PARALIAN one who lives by the sea.

PEAL a loud ringing of a bell or bells, a loud repeated or reverberating sound of thunder or laughter.

PERFORCE used to express necessity or inevitability.

PHOSPHENES the colors or "stars" you see when you rub your eyes.

POMP ceremony and splendid display, especially at a public event.

POSY a small bunch of flowers, a short motto or line of verse inscribed inside a ring.

PRETENSE an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. 

PSITHURISM the sound of the wind through the trees.

QUAQUAVERSAL moving or happening in every direction instantaneously.

RAISON D'ÊTRE reason for existing.

RAMPART a defensive wall of a castle or walled city, having a broad top with a walkway and typically a stone parapet.

SELCOUTH unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous.

SEREIN the fine, light rain that falls from a clear sky at sunset or in the early hours of night, evening serenity.

SHREWD having or showing sharp powers of judgement, astute.

SILLAGE the scent that lingers in air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone; the trace of someones perfume.

SOLIDARITY unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

SOLIVAGANT wandering alone.

STRIKHEDONIA the pleasure of being able to say "to hell with it."

SUFFICE IT TO SAY used to indicate that one is saying enough to make one's meaning clear while withholding something for reasons of discretion or brevity.

SUNDRY of various kinds; several.

TARTLE to hesitate while introducing someone because you have forgotten their name.

TROUVAILLE something lovely discovered by chance, windfall.

UNABATED continuing at full strength or force without becoming weaker.

VERKLEMPT completely overcome with emotion.

VIRIDITY naïve innocence.

Newly added words in BOLD.